Clearance Solutions

Our experienced team can deliver a comprehensive office removal service to remove all kinds of furniture from your workplace. As part of our complete office clearance services, we will be able to remove and dispose of all kinds of furniture and equipment, including:

Desks, Meeting Tables; Office Chairs; Soft Seating; Lockers and Cupboards; Cafeteria Furniture; Book Cases; Education Furniture and more …

We deal with the removal and disposal of all waste material. Wherever possible all plastics and cardboard are separated and transported to a local recycling plant. We continually strive to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. When the items that are not able to be re-used they are recycled through recognised ISO14001 accredited recycling facilities and all of this information is recorded and proof is in the form of weight tickets from these facilities.

For more details please contact our Office 020 3475 8777 or for a no obligation quote email